Taliran In The Way of Development

Taliran was founded at the beginning of 1991. However we experienced ups and downs on the development of the company, but we had a relatively stable and sustainable development so far. We hope not only to continue our path of excellence, but also due to the technical and commercial cooperation with two great European companies i.e. Siemens and ABB, to succeed in accelerating the development of Taliran.
In order to contribute in your industrial and construction projects in the country and abroad, for supplying the following products, TALIRAN can be a reliable and fair partner for you:
1.     Different types of LV and MV switchgears;
2.     Control and PLC panels;
3.     Compact MV switchboards and substations;
4.     Industrial Battery Chargers;
5.     Cable tray and ladders.
In addition, we welcome the proposals for the installation and starting up of electrical and automation facilities, especially in connection with the company's products.
Main Products