Double Battery Charger

شارژرهای دوبل 3 فاز و تک فاز
110V DC - 220V DC

    مشخصات کلی

    شارژر صنعتی دوبل (مطابق با استاندارد IPS

    مشخصات فنی


    Input voltage 380V AC±15%, 3 phase 220V AC±25%, single phase
    AC input frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz
    Efficiency ≥95%
    Power factor ≥0.93


    Output voltage 95-150V 3phase 190-300V single phase
    Output current 10-400A
    power (W) 50KWatt
    Soft start time 3 ~ 8s
    Current stabilization ≤ ± 0.5%
    Ripple ≤ 0.2%
    Voltage stabilization ≤ ± 0.5%
    Current sharing imbalance ≤ ± 3%
    Cooling method Natural cooling with radiator
    Protocol RS485 or RS232
    Acoustic noise < 50dB


    Multi-protection Multi-protection including input over or under-voltage, output over or under-voltage, over-temperature, reverse connection, phase failure, and short circuit protection. The rectifier will shut down without output, and self-recoverable
    Current limiting The output current will not increase if it exceed the threshold.

    پارامترهای محیطی

    Operation temperature -20°C~50°C
    Storage temperature -40°C~ 60°C
    Relative humidity ≤ 90%
    Air pressure 70 ~ 106kPa

    مشخصات فیزیکی

    Size (H × W × D) mm 2000*1800*600 mm(with distribution panel)
    Weight 400 kg

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